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Temesist®, became a leading company in Industrial Warehouse & Racking Systems, not only in Turkey but also in the global markets with its innovative and entrepreneurial vision. Founded in 1980 with 100% Turkish capital, Temesist® directs Warehouse Systems technologies with the support of Turkish engineers.

Temesist®, which has a production area of ​​25.000 m2 in Bilecik Organized Industrial Zone under a single roof, produces in accordance with TS EN ISO 15512 standards.

Our Headquarter is located in Istanbul and we have a sales offices in Mediterranean, Central Anatolia, Black Sea, Aegean, Marmara regions in Turkey. Also, we have Foreign Regional Offices at Germany, Algeria, Bulgaria, Serbia, and England.

For indexing our exports growth to Turkey’s growth and to strengthen our company name and place in the industry, we have decided to establish our own export division company as Temesist A.S.,


Temesist®, the leader in Turkish domestic Industrial Rack & Storage Systems proves its success by exporting to 85 countries. Our rapid growth in a short period of time has turned Temesist® into one of the most respected and reliable organizations at racking industry.

Our company considers the Research & Development extremely important. The new products designed by our expert R&D Engineers in our factory in Bilecik and offered to the market are approved by prestigious national and foreign universities. These studies are carried out in coordination with the relevant universities where the new products we design are transferred from our R&D unit to final tests at the universities.

Our new patented product designs are certified as TSEK (as a designer company). In this context, our company was honored with the INTERNATIONAL GLOBAL QUALITY AWARD.

Temesist®, with its proven racking experience in the international arena, its project management with its expert staff and teamwork, offers the best solution to the demands from all over the world at the most affordable price. Temesist® is a reliable business partner whose customers are confident in their goals and prefer to work together for many years.

Our company has adopted the principle of continuous growth, thanks to the projects it has developed and completed with the use of its modern technology in an environmentally friendly manner by ensuring the safety of its employees.

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