Pallet Racking Systems are built by putting two modules back-to-back and interconnecting them together.

Rack Clad Building Systems, reduce your investment costs by eliminating the roof and exterior needs which are necessary for the warehouse.

Pallet Radio Shuttle System, is a system which products are semi-automatically loaded and unloaded with automatic carriers along the shelves.

The ideal solution for your high-density warehouses!

Loading and unloading can easily be done quickly at the shelves.
Decreases the risk of operator misuse.
Reduce maneuvers in the forklift operation.
Commands can be retrieved from the Warehouse Management System (WMS).


Our new products which are designed and patented are certified as TSEK (as being a designer company). In this context, our company was awarded ‘’The International Global Quality Award’’.

Our new products which are designed and patented are certified as TSEK (as being a designer company). In this context, our company was awarded ‘’The International Global Quality Award’’.

Our Headquarter, is located in Istanbul and we have Adana sales office in Turkey also we have Foreign Regional Offices at Uzbekistan and Georgia.
Our new product design’s and patent’s are certified as TSEK (as a designer company ). In this context, our company has received the International Global Quality Award.
It is our single priority to meet the demands of our customers in a timely manner by preparing projects which suits our credible company name and reliability in the sector.
Our company consider’s Research & Development work extremely important. We are continuously adding new products by the help of our Expert R&D Team.


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As one of the leading companies in Turkey, you can leverage the superior quality industrial racking systems that we offer you. Thus, you can increase the efficiency in your business by having reasonable options for your needs and expectations. Our company, which contains a wide range of options, brings superior quality to you. By examining high-quality and reliable racking systems, you can consider alternatives that meet your demands and have a perfect model. There are a wide range of systems elaborately designed and produced upon the requests of our customers. From automatic warehouse systems to outdoor racking systems, you can access to detailed information for each option on our website. You can find answers to the questions by examining it. Also, you can contact us to get detailed information and determine the industrial racks for your needs. These systems are not only actively used in the field of retail merchandising, but they are also highly demanded in a variety of industrial areas today.  On one hand, they exhibit a stylish and modern stance in a visual sense, on the other hand, it attracts attention with its useful and functional features. We also create original designs upon requests of our customers.  Thus, you can experience the privilege of having metal or wooden racks processed with special molds. You can contact us right now to have a durable and easily installed racking system. Our experienced and professional team support you for the whole process to find the ideal option for you.


Temesist warehouse and racking systems, which are perfect option for those looking for racking systems in Istanbul, greatly facilitates the work of companies that need storage. Our company is always at your service with its wide range of systems from shuttle racking system known as semiautomated to back-to-back system. Along with these systems, which are of great interest today, you can also turn to exterior shelving systems, which greatly reduce your cost by eliminating the need for roofs and exterior walls, which are necessary for the warehouse. Besides, sliding shelf system options offer practicality, therefore are very popular these days. For the options that stand out among warehouse racking systems and meet different needs in different areas, all you need to do is contact us. Thus, you can learn everything you wonder about warehouse rack systems, so you can ensure that your work flows efficiently by making your choice in the most correct way. You can contact our company, which operates not only in Istanbul, but also in wide region to find answers to your questions, and to get detailed information on a wide range of topics, from the functional characteristics of the shelves to the manufacturing process.


There are a rich variety of factory racking systems.  At this point, it is so important that you first determine your needs depending on the area of use. Thus, you can reach the options that fully respond to your expectations and content you the most. Our company provide you all the options with high quality at the most affordable prices possible. Our carefully designed systems are patented. Our customer can easily benefit from the quality of our products, which are certified as a designer company and have won the International Global Quality Award. Our company gives great importance to R&D activities. It provides you all kind of systems from light load racking to automatic or semi-automatic.  The rack manufacturing process is also completed meticulously in systems designed with great care with cutting-edge technology. Hence, new and original designs keep being created.  Industrial warehouse systems are prepared by a team of experts.  You can benefit from the opportunities offered by our company, known with its reliability and superior quality, and you can get professional support from our outstanding company. The systems are presented to you in high quality by undergoing a wide variety of tests. These systems are created with consistency as a result of years of experience by our company. Adopting on time delivery as a principle, our company meets your needs quickly. Our aim is to offer the best at any time, and therefore we are always with you for your needs.


Modern warehouse and racking system options, produced by drawing on new generation technologies, are waiting for you in our company. Our expert team, taking action along with your needs and expectations in all the projects we undertake, responds to your expectations with their high technical knowledge and creates their designs in accordance with environmental and safety provisions. Our company, which offers you the warehouse racks you are looking for and allows you to complete your work practically by making deliveries on time, provide you high-quality systems by manufacturing from first class-quality materials. These warehouse racking systems both stand out with their durability and help you save your money, being long-lasting. Thanks to the products that are also very successful in customer satisfaction, you can get quality service and experience the advantage of making an excellent choice without compromising your expectations. Especially in the manufacturing process, our expert team does flawless job and meets all your request. You can review the products on our page to examine the charming options offered by our company. Thus, you can find the opportunity to consider different options and decide one of the best option for yourself. If you have any questions in mind, you can easily contact us.


Archive shelf systems are of great interest today and they offer many different designs. Therefore, it is very important to reach the options decorated with modern and contemporary lines. At the same time, useful, functional, practical and durable designs are also among the sought-after options. You can have the archive shelf systems that respond to all your expectations through our company, you can review the detailed features of each system on our page and get a price quote. These systems can be personalized for needs and expectations, and are widely used in libraries, especially in public institutions. If you are looking for reliable rack companies for these systems, which are of great interest due to their wide variety of uses, you can contact us right now. Such archive products are actually among the types of storage systems. These come to the fore within our company due to the fact that they are both practical and economical. These systems are widely preferred due to their low cost, however, you should be cautious about weight capacity,  as they have a lower one compared to other storage systems. For this reason, they are used, especially in areas where archival materials such as folders are stored. If desired, they can also be moved effortlessly from one place to another. You can also contact us for high-quality and reliable storage systems, and you can meet your needs in line with your expectations by getting support from us.