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At the Mezzanine Racking System, platforms and walkways are created by using the rack upright. In this system, additional usage area is generated by the use of maximum height of the warehouse.

As the number of floors of the system determines the volume of the warehouse in Multi-tier racking systems, it ensures the best use of the building height. It is an effective way to create areas for businesses that cannot use warehouse height.

At Mezzanine Racking Systems the products can be loaded manually, therefor it gives the advantages of placing the products in the desired place and easy access to them at any time. The grouping of the products can be made easily, so that it becomes practical by order preparation, product collection and product placement. The access of warehouse staff to upper floors is provided by staircases and access of pallets to upper floors is provided by forklift through secured pallet gates or elevators which are integrated inside of the system. 

Mezzanine Racking System is the best solution for the distributor companies who couldn’t use the whole space of storing area and who want to store thousand kinds of products separately, and allows to calibrate the products by hand preparing them for distribution and retail selling.

Manual pallet trucks can be used on walking platforms. All parts are demounted and can be moved to other places at any time.