Rack Clad Building Systems eliminates the roof and exterior siding needs of the warehouse and allows you to install a racking system. It eliminates roof and exterior siding needs and allows you to have a construction free racking system. Building construction is not necessary in advance with Rack Clad Building System. Rack Clad Building Systems does not require construction investment, providing a cost advantage from 18% to 30%. Since the use of columns and beams eliminated with the Rack Clad Building Systems, more space gained.

Mostly well known, economical and widely used conventional storage system. Back-back Racking Systems are built by putting two modules back-to-back and interconnecting them together. Bay height and beam length adjusted Back-to-Back Racking System’s satisfy customer’s need and expectations, which has the widest range of use from the smallest warehouse’s to the largest up to complex logistic centers.

The Radio Pallet Shuttle System is a high-density storage system, which allows loading and unloading of the products without the use of forklifts in the warehouse. The Radio Pallet Shuttle System is used by the operator with a remote control which has forward and backward, up and down, loading and unloading functions.

The Drive-in Racking System has received its name as Drive-in, because pallets inserted into the system by a forklift, which enables stacking of palletized products deeply.
It is possible to load and unload your loads as a block.
In this system, rails are used instead of beams for loading.
In the drive-in racking system, single or double sided loading can be done according to the condition of the warehouse and the product characteristics (It can be used as FIFO – LIFO).

At the Mezzanine Racking Systems, platforms are created by using the rack upright. In this system, additional usage area is generated by the use of maximum height of the warehouse platform. Since the system of repository determines the number of storeys in the warehouse, the System allows the height of the building to be used at the best level.

Automatic warehouse systems are often preferred for storing large volume and heavy loads where storage density is high due to insufficient space. 

Cantilever Racking Systems are mainly used for storing long items (profile, pipe, plastic, etc.). This system can be adjusted to the desired length with additional materials. It has an optimum construction, which enable’s storing goods side-by-side and continuously in different lengths. 

Pallet Flow Racking Systems consist of heavy reel grooves on the pallets to allow self-slipping towards the unloading direction by tilting. Since many channels are located side by side and on top of each other, height of the warehouse is optimally utilised. Loading and unloading ports are separated.

Temesist light and medium load racking systems are the ideal storage solution, especially for medium to small sized items. It allows installation with other storage systems. Ideal for storing archive boxes and spare parts. It facilitates the storage of low volume products. The racks have strong and rigid structure. Thus, stored goods are protected from crushing and other damages. The Light Load Racking System’s are in dismountable in structure, thus easy and quick assembly and disassembly operations can be done.